Privacy Policy

This document is intended to let you know that when you use any of the services offered on, you unquestionably accept all the conditions presented below.



  •  will not record any of the customer’s personal information each time they visit the homepage and spend time browsing the website (this does not relate to cookies: skip to section “cookies” for more details).
  • The type of data collected during your interaction with us is suggested to be used only for appropriate purposes. However, we will save your e-mail address in case you would like to receive regular newsletters from us.
  • may also collect information about promotions and draw games that you may wish to use, or any other type of services that may be sponsored by our partners or by us.  also collects personal identification data from our many business partners.
  • does not disclose any known information to intermediaries or other web-based casinos without obtaining permission from you.
  • If our company is acquired by a third party, the customer’s data will be known to the new owner.
  • makes every effort to protect the site from hacker attacks or malware. We are committed to protecting your personal data.
  • Our services are only accessible to people aged 18 and over.
  • Please note that provides several links to different sites and none of these sites are covered by the Privacy Policy. We recommend that you read their own Privacy Policy carefully before using their services.


Cookies  has the right to add cookies and remove them from your PC. A cookie is a totally secure text document that is usually saved on the device on its own. cookies   will pull user information and distribute it to find out what your tastes and desires are with the aim of improving long-term service delivery. It is important that any website you access from can also store their cookies on your device. uses cookies for different reasons. Here are a few:

These text files are intended to facilitate the retrieval of information that is statistical rather than personal. Cookies from  will help us understand how long you spend browsing the site, which web pages you visit most often and which banner promotions are generating the most clicks. .

They will also help  gauge the popularity of the site and calculate the final daily number of online customers.

Cookies allow our management team to obtain detailed information about player behavior and tastes, enabling us to provide better services available to game enthusiasts to improve their experience in the future.

Sites recommended by  are also able to add cookie files to your device. We advise you to carefully read their Privacy Policy to know the terms governing the use of cookies in their particular cases.